From Australian Mines to Applications Worldwide

Pumps 2000 was established in Australia in 1989 to offer pumps capable of handling abrasive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids in underground mining environments, and to create an alternative to the heavy, maintenance-intensive diaphragm pumps that were used predominantly in mines. These pumps featured low weight, as well as improved pump life and performance.

Pumps 2000 America was established in 2007 to market Pumps 2000 products and solutions throughout North and South America. Today, our pumps continue to be used in coal and hard-rock mining throughout North and South America, as well as in General Industry, Marine, Building & Construction, Food Processing, Chemicals and Pollution Control applications.

Pumps 2000 pumps are assembled and tested at our facility in Pittsburgh PA, USA. From this location, we also provide comprehensive technical support to our distributors, agents and end-users across North and South America, and operate a service facility and warehouse to ensure fast delivery of pumps and spares.

Several patented features make it possible for Pumps 2000 to offer market-leading low life cycle cost, while handling difficult applications. A number of products are currently under development.

All Pumps 2000 products are certified in accordance with EN13463.

The use of injection molding has given Pumps 2000 greater freedom in material composition and has led to the development of lubrication-free pumps and our own plastic blends. Our unique combination of in-house R & D and manufacturing enables us to offer pumps and pumping systems which are technically superior and significantly higher quality than our competitors.

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